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I make cool things for computers.

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April 2018- present Research Assistant University of Michigan Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
  • Worked under Prof. Kim Kearfott to maintain and improve the Radiation Weather Station, a network of sensors collecting weather and radiation information for use by scientists and the general public.

  • Produced algorithms to detect abnormalities in certain radiation data, compare it to data collected by RWS, hypothesize causes of abnormalities, and report analysis to lab.

  • Designed and prototyped design for low-cost Auxiliary Stations that can be connected over the internet to our database, and then deployed in colleges and high schools throughout Michigan for data gathering.

  • Created computer model of a radon chamber in the lab that used environmental data gathered by our sensors to describe and predict changes in the radon levels in the chamber.
February 2018- present Grader, EECS 402 University of Michigan Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Worked with Prof. Andrew Morgan to design grading rubrics for projects for intermediate C++ programming class and wrote unit tests to grade students’ projects.

  • Wrote scripts in Python and Bash to compile and run student solutions against my own test cases.

  • Checked student code for minor formatting and compiling errors, and handled regrade requests, which often involved editing student projects and understanding their diverse approaches to the same problem.
September 2016- April 2018 Business Director University of Michigan Pops Orchestra
  • Drafted and managed $20,000 semester budget for a student-run 100-person orchestra.

  • Arranged payments with large corporations, small businesses, and individual tradesmen to ensure smooth operation of the orchestra.

  • Kept regular live budget of all financial activities of the orchestra.

  • Worked closely with executive board of 15 people to organize concerts with attendance of about 1,000 people each semester.
April 2016- August 2016 Archive Assistant Archivio di Luciano Caruso, Florence, Italy
  • Assisted in the projects and affairs of an extensive archive of 20th century Italian poetry, art, and literature.

  • Learned unique organizational system that combined art, poetry, literature, sculptures and letters, and helped convert system to new Microsoft Access database.

  • Overcame language and culture barriers while working daily with Italians in their native language.

About Me

Selfie of me and my friend Peter at the Grand Canyon

Thanks for visiting my site! I am currently a student at the University of Michigan pursuing majors in History and Computer Science, with a minor in Italian Language and Literature (odd combination, I know). I'm a nerd for anything old and/or techy, especially if it's both. I especially enjoy working with human-computer interaction; looking into how humans think about and model these beautiful, complex machines, and understanding what role they play in our daily lives.

In my free time I like reading fantasy and sci-fi books, as well as binge watching computerphile videos. Or if I can get outside, I love backcountry hiking, rock climbing, and tennis.

8-Bit Builder: The final partner project for my U.I. class. I and my two partners created a game in Meteor and Three.js where users could build simple 3-d structures with 8-bit Minecraft-style textures. My partners set up the backend account system and wrote much of the HTML and CSS, while I designed the U.I. and wrote the Three.js functionality.
Link: 8bitbuilder.us

Contact Information

Email: timmstanden@gmail.com
Address: 601 E. Hoover Ave,
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Github: timbot1789
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